Saturday, 25 April 2009

Friday List Anyone?

My favourite things
Best musical film
Who's a friend of Dorothy?
Who isn't!
10 proofs of existence

None of these, instead a disconnected list of updates to some previous themes.

DIY hand surgery
Never again, the first course of antibiotics seemed to do the trick
and I started to use it again. It started to hurt again, swelled up - an abscess.  

Having it lanced drained was gloriously gory and such a relief. 

More antibiotics.

30 years of amateur mechanics and I've finally learnt.
If things won't fit together, forcing them will result in hurt.
Usually to me.

Car porn post 'coitus'
I've not actually 'coited' with it yet but today seems like the after math of some guilty pleasure.
A come uppance
MOT day
I've not really looked at it since we got it so what happens is a mystery. I'll do the odd fix up to it but the camper is my main concern. I don't have time or energy for both.
News flash
MB 420se passed
New garage peeps seem good
Fixed up blowing exhaust to make it an advisory

The Lawn
A new toy from the flea market, a sidewheel lawnmower. £7 needed a bit of tweek but now I can determine the cut. Not only that it does actually cut, next-door's hover mover beats, rips, tears, clubs, but doesn't cut.

The Sheds
I was tempted to repost Groundwork Day
I think I still will. As in the work goes on a spade full at a time but clearing the top soil away got easier. Next-doors rented a van to clear old furniture to the dumpit and in exchnge for some labour took several bags away. 

The influx of the middel europers means that around here we put stuff in street or front garden with 'please take me' and people do. I think it came from the ousties of Germany
Excellent way of recycling

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

DIY Hand Surgery

After taking a long online training course.

Recovery Blog

I decided that looks easy.
I'd been having a bit of stiffness and pain.
My left hand index finger was playing up as well.
The video was alright but I was sure that I could improve.
Much easier with a large mallet and a sledge hammer head than all that
poncey medical equipment.
VoilĂ  -- a very tidy job I'm sure you'll agree.
Codeine the breakfast of clumsy chumps everywhere

Sports For Boys - Mobile Blogging

Here I am in the land of Battleships and Bogroll (copyright Dr Thrasher).
As per connecting to T'Internet seems to be occupying a lot of my time. 

Everytime I come here I either have a new toy or even a good reason to need connectivity.
This time it's the former.

Sent from my iPhone

That says it all really.
But I'll carry on anyway.
New toy
Very sexy.