Thursday, 31 December 2009


Claims to be shrimp creamy tom yum.
I suspect thats Thai for sour soup.
Here's a recipe
Very Hot - yum yum

Next packet I had got this comment.
Damn Fine Soup

So I guess thats a 7.5/10

Monday, 28 December 2009

Brand New Fun!

In which your author searches for a cheap, acceptable snack.

Instant Noodles (and associated soups) have become a favoured snack recently.
Tiger Tiger make some very nice ones but they're a guinea from Sainsbury's.
The Thai grocers nearby has many different ones available (25p a kick) but I've no idea what they are like.
So I've decided to work through the dozens on offer to find some good uns.
Pictures are essential as most have no useful english (but some excellent engrish).
Plus the packaging - especially the calligraphy is wild.
I'm not sure which way the influence has gone but Rick Griffin anyone?

So first off, the one above.
Not good
Thin white pepper soup.
Noodles ordinary.
(I can feel a marking scheme coming on)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Up Sir William's Mast

We went for a walk.
The GPS turned itself off again so the track is half of what we did.
Use your imagination to join the start to the finish.
It was circular.
We used to do linear ones before the camper.
I miss that about using the buses into the peak.
When you bus it to Bakewell then walk to Buxton it feels like a journey.
Parking in Bakewell and walking the same circular distance feels like a Sunday walk.
I don't miss the early start, hours on buses, getting cold and late finishes.
Ho Hum.

The long straight bit is the climb up Sir William Hill to the radio mast in the picture.
I've always wondered who Sir William was.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Where Is Wally

This Wally has an iPhone and is still trying to use the GPS.

Today we went on a walk.

We started and finished at Little Longstone.
All I got out of the GPS was a zip file that nothing seems to be able to deal with.
There's an
xml file that looks promising.

It's got this in it

Distance 14.4 kilometers
ElapsedTime 3:46:01
AvgSpeed 3.8 km/h

But I can't be arsed.
Sadly the Saab is the thing I remember.
It was a lovely, proper old school one and I wanted to knock on the neighbouring houses waving money.
I suspect that wouldn't have worked - it looked loved.