Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lovely Lathkill Dale And The River Bradford

A much delayed post
Posted 07/02/2010
We went for a walk
As you can tell the GPS went bent (again).
Never mind we had a nice day out and avoided walking up that hill to Over Haddon.
We found a Lime Kiln - they're all over the shant 'round here.
This one had a "Toot hole for poking" - which is funny for at least 2 reasons
(click the piccy for details of poking aperture)

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Feed the Birds,Tuppence a Bag!

It's one of those Oh to be in England evenings.

Only it's not swallows it's swifts.
The suns been shining most of the day which made me think...
If you don't have a decent hat in the sunny weather, steam comes out of your ears and the grey thinking stuff starts running out.
Where the snot usually comes from.
Here's my hat - I just got it out of the bag.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

This Little Bag of Dreams

You've got to carry a fleece.
This one is windproof and showerproof.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Papa has a Brand New Rucsac

People often stop me and say "How come if you've just come out for the day, why such a huge bag?"

I usually reply "Why don't you keep your snout out; you get!"

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Shining Tor

We went on a walk west and above Buxton.
Found yet more disused railways.
Seems weird really on a country walk but the entire Peak is one big industrial landscape.
It's just got a lot of turf on top.
The GPS continues to fuck up on my iPhone but it's some sort of record where we went.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

This Weeks Stuff

(photo courtesy of this lot)

Not a very exciting week.

Went To Work 
(no holidays bah!)
  • Facilitated e-learning drop in.
  • Divved about in meetings.
  • Struggled with corporate IT systems.
  • Observed Equalities and Diversity course.
  • Repackaged e-learning stuff to suit Moodle site.
  • Tried to write strategy paper.
More Gardening  
The super 'new' lawnmower is ace. It cuts.
The lawn is now down to a number 2 cut and if I can get gaps in the weather it'll get cut regularly.
Theory is that the coarse grass that I don't want (and the weeds) won't cope with the constant cutting.  The fine lovely red fescue grasses will love it and thrive. 
New Forest Lawns are my paradigm, constant nibbling by ponies, deer and rabbits.
looking for a suitable picture I found this.
Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Ripped Vinyl
I'm trying for one a day but it's hard.  If the tagger app (Picard) finds stuff in MusicBrainz easy it's a doddle.  As soon as it doesn't or what it finds is not quite right, the time taken expands massively.
Have some stats. (we love numbers)
  • Good performance 65 minutes 
  • (millie jackson - caught up)
  • Bad performance 14/11/2008- still not sorted 
  • (poison girls - chappaquidik bridge)
Sometimes the delay concerns debate with the Brainz and that can get tedious.
Cruising at the moment though.
  • 2x Japan
  • 1x Millie Jackson
  • 1x I-Roy
  • 2x Jefferson Airplane
  • 3x Bauhaus
Which is more than 1 a day.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Going Back Real Slow

The trip to the Smoke gave me access to good record shops.

See that dates me already.
Hands up who remembers Kelly's?
You sad fucks.

Bought loads of stuff (in no particular order) none from this century.
Some old faves revisited, others classics I've probably heard but I'm not sure.
They just seemed right.
Here we go with comments (yours are always welcome)

Stevie Wonder - Songs In the Key Of Life
So mighty it hurts. 
2 1/2 albums - all exceptional.
First heard days after release, used extensively in the bedroom.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails
John C makes my spine wobble.  
Last heard in Nearly Normal Norman's bedroom decades ago.

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey
I was looking for Hard Nose the Highway but ended up with this instead.  
I could listen to him sing owt, for anyone else not good enough.  
A taxi driver recording.

Can - Tago Mago
Every home should possess several Can recordings. 
This surprisingly is my first.  
Noise organised into pop music - influential forever.

Ry Cooder - Chicken Skin Music
The problem here was which one to buy, the answer; all of them starting here.  
The sleeve notes claim he began playing guitar at 3.  
That probably beats the next lot up but I'm not sure.

Free - Tons of Sobs
Who's bedroom I first heard this in is a dire secret (I think?).  
Well it's a secret from me anyway.  
How can these chabsters make this noise?  
Something wrong here in a magnificent manner.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Blog blog blog - techy sh**

We're in London here's the when, how and where of getting from ...

Sheffield to London