Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Albanian Jolly

Well they insist on calling it Alba!

It ain't me!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Top Of The World, Ma

Well, currently the top of my limited world.
This really is the view from the camper. Directly north from here is the North Pole - nothing else. Directly west is Canada, atleast that's what the guide said.
We're in Durness which just to the east of Cape Wrath and having a lovely time.
Weather is Scottish
(4 seasons every hour)
Food is great
(we cook it)
The company excellent
(except for all the other tourists)

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


We went on a walk

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Birth Of A Nation

No not a cinematic milestone intrinsically flawed by racism.
But where the ground we walk on comes from.
Regular readers will understand that my head is full of rocks.
Where better to holiday than where the oldest rocks in UK (maybe
Europe?) are to be found.
The one on the right is the oldest, Lewsian Gnesis.
On the left we have Torridan Sandstone.
Together, a geological sequence from nearly 3 billion years ago and
representing about 16/18ths of the planet's existence.
That's a big WOW from me.


We went on a walk

Saturday, 21 August 2010

OMG It's Captain Sensible!

I thought it was just some everyday peacock but Mrs Wazoo was
convinced it was the Captain. So we had to stalk him, taking
surreptitious photos and debating his identity.
S says it wasn't him and I'm confusing the person with his act.
I'm not so sure

Friday, 20 August 2010

Name That Thane

I can only name one.
This is where he/she lives.
Apparently there a 2 existent thanes.
200 bonus points for naming both.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Langford Twins Meet The One-eyed Stopper

S says (that's me) The new bespoke furniture in the van is marvellous (i made a new cooker house).  I'm thinking of applying for a position with either Mr Devon or Mr Westfalia.   A bit of new blood in these organisations may be all that's required to move them into the 21st century.  I didn't get where I am today... Bring me Hennimore!  Don't think I'm allowed to say where we are yet - think someone's got to guess Mr Bobblebonbon's cryptic clue first.  Is this the sort of stream of (un)consciousness one is expected to blurt out in a blog?  I might start my own!  Perhaps not - at least Mr B's got 2 mates - I ain't got none.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Weekend Welder

I've bought a new welder.
My original one was a gift, I asked advice about what sort of welder to buy.
My advisor upped an gave me a MIG welder.
I was very grateful.
Trouble is I now know that for my application it's NBG.
Too strong for vehicle body work.
And rubbish - according to the welding hacks at MIG Welding - the DIY Guide
Which could explain why I was finding welding difficult.
I didn't expect to produce beautiful welds at a first go.
But I did expect to improve.
And I didn't.

  • A bad workman can blame bad tools.
Seeing as I'd budgeted for a welder; nothing really lost in buying another one.
(Freaked Out Economics)

I am now improving with every attempt.
Welds are not beautiful but serviceable and consistent.
Beauty I can live with out - for now.

The new blue baby welder is gasless which is meant to make welding outdoors easier.
But I'm no longer convinced about this.
The fluxed wire seems very messy and makes keeping a regular arc hard work.
The slag contaminates the weld and the wire.
Today I'm going to fit the gas option and see if I like it better.

As for outdoors I came across an elegant design for a wind shield for welding.
Cardboard box and masking tape.
(I can never see simple solutions!)
If it catches fire, tear it off and stamp on it.
Oh and turning the gas up helps.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mysterious Kung Fu Monk Noodles

Or yet more noodle reviews.
All my hard work deciding which noodles to buy from my local Thai grocery seems wasted.
I'd just discovered the very lovely Mama flat rice beauties.
Don't have them anymore!
Instant Rice Porridge.
Gone (always seem to be waiting for a delivery - bah!)

Word Of Warning

  • If your grocer says Product B is just like Product A.
  • They are LYING.
  • Mama Rice Soup is nice but it is not Instant Rice Porridge

So now I've started reviewing the noodles in the Chinese grocers in town.

Number 1 -

Great Packet (the mysterious monk is on the front surrounded by clouds/steam) - plus 5.
Aargh - vermicelli - I'm not a fan - minus 10.
They were Sweet Potato noodles - plus 5 for novelty.
But they weren't special - no points
As they were from Sichuan I expected "Hot and Spicy" to be thermonuclear, it wasn't - no points

Grand total - no points
Not buying them again

Sunday, 1 August 2010


We went on a walk