Monday, 27 July 2009

The hardest button

Inspiration and time buttons won't stay buttoned.
Wish you were here.
This really is the view from our room.
Food marvelous.
S cooked it.

I did the galley slave bit for 3 days.
A well fed time was had by all.

The headphone patch is knacked!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

It's Holiday Time Again

We're in Scarborough for S's Father's 80th Birthday.
S and her brother organised flats in a very bona new development in
URL for The Sands in here
So far the weather has made it super dooper.
The NE Coast approaches heaven; beaches, a castle on a headland, a
smattering of low fluffy rain clouds and the evening light of a summer
We whizzed up and down both bays, gadding about in ice cream palours,
tea rooms and the excellent but tiny SeaFest.
What a jolly time!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Up and Down To Matlock Bath

We went for a walk
But S wasn't well so we turned around and came back to Cromford.
The rest of the day was spent shopping.

  • Idly wandering about
  • Looking at stuff,
  • Picking some of it up and
  • Going "hmmm"
At Cromford there is the remains of Arkwrights original mill.
Pictured is some hydraulics - the bit where the wheel was?

Friday, 17 July 2009

Lesbo Shindig


Funny You Should Mention That

But we don't actually wee into it.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Soft Machine, AC Cobras and Portable Stoves

Which sums up my day so far.
We went for a

Halfway 'round SURPRISE SURPRISE - a classic car show.
Well it was no surprise for me and I had warned S that we might happen upon it.

So no surprise to anyone really.

The star of the show, in fact on first perusal the only star, A real
AC Cobra.
If you don't know this car - you obviously have no interest in automobiles.
The greatest pure muscle car ever.
Body and chassis from some GB minor manufacturer.
Engine from Ford(USA) without any limit
Combined by
Caroll Shelby - nutcase genius.
This one however had a 6.3L Chevy engine - so a little suspect.
I wanted to lick this one - all gloss black'n'chrome.
The rest of the cars sucked so we had lunch and watched car geeks.
After lunch a cup of tea is favourite.
Now for that you really need boiling water - a flask don't cut it.
So here's a sub list inside the bag list

This is a little beauty I've had for years, it's gas powered and will fit into your average pocket.
The blistered patina is a result of my refurbishment with "wrong" paint but I really like the effect.

Stuart Maconie is featuring The Soft Machine and associates in the
Freak Zone as Hugh Hopper has died.

However typical showboating by some rich weirdo druggie R&B singer dancer has obscured this sad event from public attention.

Monday, 6 July 2009

More Mincing in Moorland

Exercise is good for you.
Here's an exercise in how quick can I get a walk published.

No historic details.
Techy stuff, so's to remember it.
e-mail Track from 'phone
open gpz file in Google Earth bringing in only track
Save as kmz (it's smallest)
ftp to web site
slap link in below

Forgot wallet - returned and got in
Forgot binoculars - missed detailed view of stoat/weasel
Forgot to lock car - trudged back.

Time for the

The walk.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Hussar - The Weld Pool Grows

Very quick post

This weekend I twigged Arc Welding!

Always I'd been able to happily create spot weld and tacks.
But continuous seam welds had defeated me.
Until now.
Two weeks ago I put in a repair panel into the rear near-side quarter on the Camper.
Usual struggle with seams, no problem with spots.
Mussing happened.
about a week ago I sussed it.
Build a weld pool before moving off down the seam.
I couldn't wait to try it and when I did sho nuf nice continuous seams.

I'm sure you're interested