Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Scales of Cool

What ya gonna do eh?

Firstly I reject several FZ classics 'coz they too knacked.
Then Amon Duul II "Dance of the Lemmings" pops up.

Can I just say I prefer "Tanz der Lemminge"
It even looks better in type
Anyway the discs have seen some action.
It gets ripped and no doubt weeks of MusicBrainz fun to catalogue it.

I can't figure it out.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Back to blogging on the bus.
The weather, for our expat, antipodals and other assorted wild colonial boyos, has cut up rough and i'm not driving.
More evidence of the bleedin' obvious.
Most people are nuts!
I don't consider using my personal vehicle essential . 

It's not like I have a right to do it, it's only allowed under licence remember.
So I have returned to public transport for the duration , I don't suppose i'd be able to control the MB's traction and the Camper is too precious to break pointlessly.
All other nutcases around here however insist that they should drive everywhere, it's crazy.

The snow is due to melt imminently and will be the usual dismal wet mess.
From some pundit this week came comparisons of the reaction to the weather and English character.
You can probably guess the content.
Made me think of decadence.
Some change happens we panic, control it, enjoy it and get bored.

I’m thinking design for camper engines.
It must be the season.
I love the primitive in the Campers engine.
I'm thinking seriously of increasing it.

Solid valve lifters
Straight cut cam drive gears
Individual runners and carbs
Should sound terrific

Friday, 6 February 2009

Gotta Post It!

It's just coming out.
Can't help myself
More obvious stuff
Albert Road Sheffield

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Time Machine - Turns You On!

Avid readers will be following by now!
Lost it.
Today is ripping The Cure-Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Yum Yum
Robert Smith

Monday, 2 February 2009

Welsh Prog Rock Anyone

Part 4 of the vinyl ripping
I've ground to a halt again and that will not do.
What's paused me is "Black Hole Star" by "The Neutrons" a Man offshoot or something like.
Not really prog rock but I can't really be bothered searching Genres for the correct slot.
Suggestions on self addressed Izal - use it and flush it.

Anyhow putting Tags on the mp3's is the next task.
I use and contribute to MusicBrainz.
Read the history of CDDB and Gracenotes.
Boo Apple Corp - Nasty Global Capitalist spoil our free resources.
They have a tagger thang which deals with most stuff neatly - Picard
Make it so ye spawny swabs.
JeanLuc as pirate Cap'n

But this time it fails 'coz it only listed a CD re-release not the vinyl one.
So I've got to add all the details of my release.
But I've run out of time telling you lot about it.
See you soon - domestic duties call.