Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lone Wolves - No Club

(image pinched from Drexel Antiques)

The countryside is full of people in clubs,  rambling and talking to loud.
Shut up.
We are not your friends.
Being in the same place does not constitute any sort of membership.
We went for a walk

I had a nice day despite my grumpiness.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I'm Scared

I've lost it - or I think I have with this blog.
I've set the default colours backn in the template editor.
I'm hoping that it turns out in ...
Big -ish
White on black ground
Normal service again

Sunday, 11 July 2010


We went on a walk

hjello world

ifI type in red we can all read this.
I've lost control here - bastards.
This combination of editor, desktop, browser, blah de blah de blah
has snafu'd my efforts.
The iMac deals with white text from the blog.
What happens if I cahnge the design level settings for fonts n shit?
I Can now type in a reasonable editor.
Seems dumb to me that it can't handle white text on black ground.
Dumb and dumberest,
It does it into another font but can't deal with goths at the control.
I'm going for purple nail varnish next.
Thath will teach all you twats ouit there.
Laughing at my hair
I know you are

That doesnt work either - rats!
I'm bored.
Back to the van
I#ve mixed some paint
the light ivory 97.5%
yellow 2.5%
(RAL codes to follow)
(+50% white spirit )
I mixed 10g of paint and added 5 g of ws.
So its not 50% but you get it.
still a bit yellow 
but damn near.

I think I sussed 
Bastards this formatting was lurking!
I Give in
This was meant to be green on red
Somewhere maybe it is
Publish and be damned 

"He's Listing Again!"

"HeTod o list

Fix the van floor.

all the furniture and the fkloor is out of the van.

|I can finally see the rot under the floor panel.

The good news is

its a lot less than it could have been.

I we as going to say it was not as bad as i thought but i really had nothing to think at.

no data

Which is more than i can say about this editor!

I'm typing white text on a white ground here

I'm surprised how beautifully crafted it looks.

more later,.