Monday, 30 May 2011

More Altitude Training (with added geology)

Still not too wet so we went up onto t'moors yet again.

The other side of the Snake this time.

(OOOerrr Missus - sounds like a Jim Morrison lyric)

Alport Castles is a huge and spectacular landslip.

As I can never get to the Quirang...
(technically not true, I've been there 3 times but I've never been able to see anything never mind clamber about)...
this one is a good substitute.
Rock pinacles with their own names - groovy.
The weather was very Quirangish,
We got to the top and a squall blew up.
Took about an hour to blow out.
All the cameras were occupied.
The little Toshiba's gone back to work
The posh Leica never seems to want to play out.
My iNterossiter is back in it's plastic w/proof slimy condom thing.
(and tracking much better agin).

So I was going to do you a piccy by hand.
Rain stopped play.
Here's one I did earlier.

Kinder Bastion from top of Ashopp Clough JeepHour 2011 aged 10
BTW here's the walk

Monday, 23 May 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Adventures in The High Peak Part 2

Or maybe it was this track that was crap - An hour in and it still hadn't found any satellites.

We went on a walk
etc etc

If you look on Google Earth or some other similar thing you can interpolate for the finish to the start.
We went up Ashop Clough to get to the end of Kinder.
Fooooookin' Great day out.
The horizon line in the picture above is 250 ish m above your brave photographer.

Monday, 2 May 2011

The long Weekend - Part 3 another walk


adventures in the high peak part one.
We went on a walk.

As I've lost the waterproof holder for the iPhone I have to put it in my pocket.
Turns out the layer of cloth is sufficient to interrupt GPS signal.

Unbelievable but true.
So the track isn't that good.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Long Weekend - Part 2

I carried on building and fitting boxes to the camper.

Finally I'm finished.
If I could I'd take pictures and show you.
The hell that is my phone carries on.
I know this is trivial but it doesn't make it easier to handle.
I'm shouting because I didn't notice the caps lock - fat fingers.
But it's just typical.
Any how.
My phone was shit because I installed ios 4.0 (never do a dot zero upgrade they are always shit)
Finally I thought - go to 4.2.
But you need iTunes 10 to get there.
itunes 10 needs macos 10.blah blah.
not a simple upgrade - £129.
S's mac book has 10.blah blah.
Upgrade that itunes to 10 and then upgrade iPhone to ios 4.2.
Now iPhone won't talk to iTunes 9.something or other on old iMac.
£129 notes needed just to make my phone work like it used to.