Monday, 26 May 2008

Oh happy day!

Finally the suspension is all back together.

I'm not sure that 30mm drop was enough but its the VW original low suspension spec so it's "right".
I read elsewhere I'm not really sure where that it will settle so I should expect it to creep lower.  More Camper Creep. 
I want to drive it around to find out what it "feels" like but the engine needs sorting and there is a little matter of no MOT.  The barrels and pistons needed for the engine fix are on a back order from Cool Air with no real indication of when to be expected.
Hot off the press "Item will be despatched on 23/5/2008"
Bugger they surely won't try to deliver it to a work address over the Bank Holiday?
Will they?
Further checks to my email reveals
"We regret this item is temporarily out of stock, but should be despatched on 27/5/2008."
I replied to the first one -which came second if you see what I mean, but not the second one which came first.
Now we're all confused
No it's probably just me. 

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Thrasher said...

Please can we have pictures?