Saturday, 18 October 2008

Taking a Leek?

Deffo camper for life, the MB is nice but there's no fridge.

Two nights in Leek at the top of the Potteries/ bottom of the Peak.
Miles of tramping 'round wet cow ridden fields - good laugh really
but I'm tried of climbing stiles hour upon hour.

Farmland - bah!

Round there they have the cheek to call everything moor this moor that.

Proper Moorland doesn't have fencesgatesstilesfootbridgeslanesfarmyardsdogsgeesecows.
The cows in the region are particularly barmy.
Run at you from 1/2 mile away - I bricked it.
Then stop 5m away and ply coy.
Idiot beasts.
One gang wanted to come home with us - I promise.

My god I was happy when we chanced upon some sheep.

you can follow us if you've got
Goggle Earth
(if you ain't got it - why not?)
Saturday Walk
Sunday Walk

Disgusted of
This nice place

(Very cool lakeside residences - heaps o' cash)

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thrasher said...

You walk too far. You will wear your legs away. And then you will be sorry.