Sunday, 17 May 2009

This Weeks Stuff

(photo courtesy of this lot)

Not a very exciting week.

Went To Work 
(no holidays bah!)
  • Facilitated e-learning drop in.
  • Divved about in meetings.
  • Struggled with corporate IT systems.
  • Observed Equalities and Diversity course.
  • Repackaged e-learning stuff to suit Moodle site.
  • Tried to write strategy paper.
More Gardening  
The super 'new' lawnmower is ace. It cuts.
The lawn is now down to a number 2 cut and if I can get gaps in the weather it'll get cut regularly.
Theory is that the coarse grass that I don't want (and the weeds) won't cope with the constant cutting.  The fine lovely red fescue grasses will love it and thrive. 
New Forest Lawns are my paradigm, constant nibbling by ponies, deer and rabbits.
looking for a suitable picture I found this.
Sorry I couldn't help myself.

Ripped Vinyl
I'm trying for one a day but it's hard.  If the tagger app (Picard) finds stuff in MusicBrainz easy it's a doddle.  As soon as it doesn't or what it finds is not quite right, the time taken expands massively.
Have some stats. (we love numbers)
  • Good performance 65 minutes 
  • (millie jackson - caught up)
  • Bad performance 14/11/2008- still not sorted 
  • (poison girls - chappaquidik bridge)
Sometimes the delay concerns debate with the Brainz and that can get tedious.
Cruising at the moment though.
  • 2x Japan
  • 1x Millie Jackson
  • 1x I-Roy
  • 2x Jefferson Airplane
  • 3x Bauhaus
Which is more than 1 a day.

1 comment:

Thrasher said...

I particulary like the phrase 'Facilitated e-learning drop in'.

Ponies, deer and rabbits? Awwww......sweet!
Pull yourself together man! You know good and well that you
should be wriggling into the white silicone strides, strapping
on twin DeLameters, firing up the Bergenholm inertialess drive and
zipping off to protect the home planet.

Or perhaps a nice cup of tea.
Yes..........tea I think.