Saturday, 19 September 2009

Groundwork Day

I'm guessing this means little to anyone else but this post records the completion of the digging bit of the shed groundwork. As I predicted the day happened again and again until today.
The shed base is 3.56x2.5x0.15
I've shifted 1.34 cu.m of topsoil.
Which sounds very little but is close to 2 tonnes.
Shifting also means extracting and grading the stones/rubble in it 'coz thats going back in.
Then getting rid of the soil.
  • The nice fruit tree man up the road.
  • Mark's mam.
  • The domestic dump.
  • Sneaking it into the wheelie bins.
The bleeding great escape.
I'm off for a big drink.


Thrasher VIII said...

MORE sheds!
Soon you will rival my partner - the very lovely 'Two Sheds' Mulholland - although technically, one of her sheds is a 'summer house'
I had a kip in Henry VIII's bed at the weekend - the one where he supposedly knobbed Jane Seymour - and a nice bed it was too - very sturdy.

The GrandWazoo said...

What is this "I've bin in hank 8s bed" business?
All the other "6 good serving men".
S demands answers.
I'm fascinated too.

Thrasher said...

I was attending a wedding - very posh do. The house used to belong to one Eddie Seymour - the late Jane's sibling. Hank VIII is reputed to have tupped the fair maid in the very bed. I doubt it myself as many country houses like to lay claim to some kind of Hank based activity, but it WAS a very sturdy four poster so anything is possible.