Monday, 28 December 2009

Brand New Fun!

In which your author searches for a cheap, acceptable snack.

Instant Noodles (and associated soups) have become a favoured snack recently.
Tiger Tiger make some very nice ones but they're a guinea from Sainsbury's.
The Thai grocers nearby has many different ones available (25p a kick) but I've no idea what they are like.
So I've decided to work through the dozens on offer to find some good uns.
Pictures are essential as most have no useful english (but some excellent engrish).
Plus the packaging - especially the calligraphy is wild.
I'm not sure which way the influence has gone but Rick Griffin anyone?

So first off, the one above.
Not good
Thin white pepper soup.
Noodles ordinary.
(I can feel a marking scheme coming on)

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