Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hello Playmates

Rant Rant

This IT stuff really is shit.
I've just struggled for at least 2 minutes through an overly logical verification system.
All I did was forget my password and it insisted on asking me extra questions.
As these were pre-determined by me - I knew the answers.
I now have a brand new super dooper password.
And access to the blogosphere agin.
Rubbish computers.

Mostly I've been doing the teaching thing and working hard I might say too.
In between times I've been ripping vinyl again.
I know.
BAd HAbit.
Latest is Joy Division 12in singles.

I don't actually care if we do already have this.
I'm ripping it anyway.
Joy Indeed.
See what my mates at Music Brains think.
What we're looking at is near mint FAC 23
The Discogs gang have 43 different releases.
I just rip it and keep it,
I do like the fast version of LWTUA on the b-side.
Bloody Hell it's worth less than a tenner.
Tag it and move on.

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