Sunday, 17 April 2011

Communication Breakdown

All sorts of stuff seem to conspire to prevent me communicating with anybody.
That stuff is ...
College Work
and tiredness.
Some I have to concentrate it into bursts like this.
Here we go...
(ellipsis mmmmmmm)
Last week;
  • against all odds
  • competing against potentially billions of other competitors
  • in a game of skill
  • and intelligence
  • I won
A prize so valuable.

Cyrano D'nutjob
A Genuine Rubber Nose!

Today we went for a walk
Here's a slideshow as well.

I missed out that this medium itself conspires to frustrate my efforts to communicate.
Isn't this meant to be information and COMMUNICATION technology.
I've spent the last 2 hours trying to communicate.
It's too much hard work.
Here's some more stuff.


Thrasher said...

As rubber noses go, that one is fairly decent. Of course when one orders these things it is at the discretion of the purveyor which one of four styles they send you.

Thrasher said...

....and indeed, it's 'always a gas'. Had you considered alternative uses for the beast?

Yes, of course you had - silly me.
e xx