Monday, 14 April 2008

Blogs Flags Lags Lopes

I'm well baffled which blog this is for.

As they’ll all be syndicated and then edited and then posted they’ll all be different and all be the same.

It's one of those pre-breakfast impossibles.


Stalking updates

7:30 Scoop Watkins on the prowl for hot news.

Smith Monster back on bus as new school term starts.

It rings out in 48pt

'Children Beware'

'SOS Save Our Scholars'

7:35 Lady from training had bunch of flowers.

7:40 writer gives up hard boiled shtick


That should prove interesting if the plagiarism police and their tools get set on my stuff.  It should find at least 3 versions of this same discussion on the same subject.

Ref lettol study guide -it's under ethics. Cut'n'paste from web forbidden without acknowledgement

Okay - but what if it's your own stuff?

Well no problem if that stuff is credited to me in those other places.  What if it’s anonymous or aliased?

I do both of these things at least once daily.

Anonymous - there is no traceable identity

Aliased - some indicators of identity probably false, in pretence.

So when I submit part of this blog in my portfolio and its found to belong to 'The Grand Wazoo' who feeds a rambling blog about nothing

Is there some collective commons way of dealing with this?

What about a copyright certification?

What about some one else sorting this 'ethical' problem out?

Hell and high water

The bus driver just cancelled my bus coz the ticket machine failed. 

I suppose it made sense but I’m still p.o'd. 

Customer service anti-exemplar. 

I went immediately to the shiny new interchange office and tried to make a complaint.

I couldn't. 

In fact I knew I couldn't but you've got to keep trying. 

Last time I was given all sorts of info about who and how of complaining and a short but acceptable explanation of why I couldn’t complain there and then. So I knew.

This time was worse I ended up with the number for a bus company it's an 017 number.  The cost and the warning about automated call centre hell from the interchange staff nailed down the lid of the complaint coffin.

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