Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Syndicalism - A Sport For All

Am I allowed to syndicate my own blogs?

I have several blogs and some stuff belongs in more than one place

Like this.

I should just link amongst them but I have different reasons for keeping different blogs.

For instance -- the stuff about stalkers only belongs in the 'Geoff - Life as a Stalker' blog.

So this is a continued bit from those places.

The ds lite is still a firm favourite even if it did let me down as a roving browser last weekend.  Sandy and I discovered the joys of PictoChat - built in chat/conferencing for ds.  Just like being naughty at school - passing notes.  If you were the lady reading both the daily mail and express on the **** to *******ester, I hope you didn't realise what was happening.  If you did - sorry.

We were using rude words, and drawing pictures, and giggling.  You can form instant ds lite networks and create chat rooms.  What a laugh!

On the serious side, I’ll have to look for wordpro s/ware for the ds.

The Smith Monster  must work in a school she’s not been on the bus and it's a school holiday .

The lady from the training course didn't have her minder today - maybe I could start following her next. 

Report on ds browser - don't, I did and it's dreadful.

No real use at all for the first web based task I had for it.

Moodling at sheffcol vle.

I could get past the login with great difficulty but no further,

A measure of it's awfulness is the pocket  internet explorer PIE I quite like that is much better.

The wifi is primitive.  
I had to turn down the wifi router's security to get it to work with the ds

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