Monday, 2 February 2009

Welsh Prog Rock Anyone

Part 4 of the vinyl ripping
I've ground to a halt again and that will not do.
What's paused me is "Black Hole Star" by "The Neutrons" a Man offshoot or something like.
Not really prog rock but I can't really be bothered searching Genres for the correct slot.
Suggestions on self addressed Izal - use it and flush it.

Anyhow putting Tags on the mp3's is the next task.
I use and contribute to MusicBrainz.
Read the history of CDDB and Gracenotes.
Boo Apple Corp - Nasty Global Capitalist spoil our free resources.
They have a tagger thang which deals with most stuff neatly - Picard
Make it so ye spawny swabs.
JeanLuc as pirate Cap'n

But this time it fails 'coz it only listed a CD re-release not the vinyl one.
So I've got to add all the details of my release.
But I've run out of time telling you lot about it.
See you soon - domestic duties call.


Thrasher said...

You couldn't possibly bundle that album up and send it to me could you - I've been looking for it for years! Can't find much about the band on the interweb thingy, but yes - a Man spin-off. By the way i have been trying to mail your blueyonder address with no success - keeps bouncing back - possibly the result of the pshycic energies released by Welsh prog rock I guess.

The GrandWazoo said...

Here's a piece o' fun!
Primitive Piracy Me Pretty Playmates
The Time Machine invites you to