Saturday, 14 February 2009

Back to blogging on the bus.
The weather, for our expat, antipodals and other assorted wild colonial boyos, has cut up rough and i'm not driving.
More evidence of the bleedin' obvious.
Most people are nuts!
I don't consider using my personal vehicle essential . 

It's not like I have a right to do it, it's only allowed under licence remember.
So I have returned to public transport for the duration , I don't suppose i'd be able to control the MB's traction and the Camper is too precious to break pointlessly.
All other nutcases around here however insist that they should drive everywhere, it's crazy.

The snow is due to melt imminently and will be the usual dismal wet mess.
From some pundit this week came comparisons of the reaction to the weather and English character.
You can probably guess the content.
Made me think of decadence.
Some change happens we panic, control it, enjoy it and get bored.

I’m thinking design for camper engines.
It must be the season.
I love the primitive in the Campers engine.
I'm thinking seriously of increasing it.

Solid valve lifters
Straight cut cam drive gears
Individual runners and carbs
Should sound terrific

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