Monday, 27 July 2009

The hardest button

Inspiration and time buttons won't stay buttoned.
Wish you were here.
This really is the view from our room.
Food marvelous.
S cooked it.

I did the galley slave bit for 3 days.
A well fed time was had by all.

The headphone patch is knacked!


Thrasher said...

Looks a bit high up for me (vertigo), but I appreciate the sentiment. What is a headphone patch? T-21 days and counting, fetch the swabs.

The GrandWazoo said...

The photo' is from 3rd floor of The Sands Lockhart/Baseheart/Capt Crane/Jeff Hunter/Holy Joe Jesus Jay Jumping Jehosaphat Building.
Good vertigo experience all 'round.
The whole building is some cantilever steel spine with bits stuck on to walk around in.
Everything seems to be slightly bouncy.
Probably me.
"What is a headphone patch? "
Lazy boy!
3rd hit from quoted phrase!
You R'n'R types are always patching this into that.
The patch that does iphone/my favourite headset of the moment is knacked.
This is both desperately important and trivial.
At once!
That can't be right; can it?

T=take off(?) 21(22?)
Look, him man speak symbols...
No, my headphone patch is just trivial.

Thrasher said...

Now I understand it all. Nice gaff. Check my blog for T-21.
Hope someone else is paying.

The GrandWazoo said...

I was paying; well I went shares w/ Mrs Wazoo's big bro.

I understood the "21" but not the "T".