Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Soft Machine, AC Cobras and Portable Stoves

Which sums up my day so far.
We went for a

Halfway 'round SURPRISE SURPRISE - a classic car show.
Well it was no surprise for me and I had warned S that we might happen upon it.

So no surprise to anyone really.

The star of the show, in fact on first perusal the only star, A real
AC Cobra.
If you don't know this car - you obviously have no interest in automobiles.
The greatest pure muscle car ever.
Body and chassis from some GB minor manufacturer.
Engine from Ford(USA) without any limit
Combined by
Caroll Shelby - nutcase genius.
This one however had a 6.3L Chevy engine - so a little suspect.
I wanted to lick this one - all gloss black'n'chrome.
The rest of the cars sucked so we had lunch and watched car geeks.
After lunch a cup of tea is favourite.
Now for that you really need boiling water - a flask don't cut it.
So here's a sub list inside the bag list

This is a little beauty I've had for years, it's gas powered and will fit into your average pocket.
The blistered patina is a result of my refurbishment with "wrong" paint but I really like the effect.

Stuart Maconie is featuring The Soft Machine and associates in the
Freak Zone as Hugh Hopper has died.

However typical showboating by some rich weirdo druggie R&B singer dancer has obscured this sad event from public attention.

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Thrasher said...

I like that stove - does it have a wee kettle that locates into the top?