Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mainland No More

I suppose people say this is the best possible view of Thurso but that's unfair. It seems to wear it's workings on the outside and has no pretensions. The Masonic Hall is impressive and very visible on the main road. Great sandstone buildings which reminds me of my hometown.
On this day however, we sped through and caught the Stromness ferry with at least 10 seconds to spare. That required thrashing the camper from Blair Atholl all the way up the A9. The new carbs did the trick (but are currently consuming petrol alarmingly - S calculated 17 mpg )


Thrasher said...

Oh dear! Twice.
Once for the MPG and once for me reading this all out of order again - you do it on purpose don't you?

The GrandWazoo said...

MPG - many pennies wasted and combustion chambers probably choked on coke. Plus side is, it ran smooth and pulled like a train. I turned it down later and when the Chief Navigator does the numbers for the return journey I'm expecting better. In theory it should be better than before - ~28mpg is the target.

Aren't all blogs LIFO stacks?
It reads funny to me as well.