Thursday, 27 August 2009

Running Repairs

The new carburetors certainly have done the trick.
For those who couldn't place them - Dellorto DRLA 40.
Very sexy - for the cognoscenti.
But I didn't get the crankcase breathing correctly rigged.
I don't think there was any effective when I first fired the engine up, tuned and timed it.
I was engrossed in my efforts; the intake noise at 4500rpm is hypnotic.
Meanwhile the high pressure had found a weak spot in an old component and was pumping oil out.
It looked just like my arm bleeding when I stuck some barbed wire in a vein.
Pump pump, pump pump, pump pump...
You get the cadence.
No time to fix it in Yorkshire - turned the crack to the top and hope.
The journey up took 1.5 litres of oil.
Here's the fix.
  • Instant Gasket.
  • Gaffer Tape.
  • Guiness Can
  • Jubilee Clips
Voila no leak.

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Thrasher said...

Superb engineering.