Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Sheffield Ramble

In which we went for a walk without any assisted transport, I muse on old routes and whinge about technology.

Up to Lodge Moor by bus and then out around Redmires Reservoir>Stannage>Hathersage etc etc is a firm favourite but today it became our destination.
The climb up to Lodge Moor, mostly Tom Lane, has got to be an old route.
The obvious continuous route and the collection of old houses all the way up must be significant.
But it's too straight and steep to be a coach road.
So I'm thinking packhorses and jaggers.

The GPS failed before the end.
(BTW to prevent you sneaking into Shed Zero and killing us in our beds I started the GPS after we'd left - clever stuff eh?)

Lunch pictured above was cold bbq ribs, spinach pie and aubergine rolls.


Thrasher said...

Oh Jeez - way too much food!

The GrandWazoo said...

It was for two of us.
These post are out of sequence because I post it with the date it happened then something in Blogger decides to set it to the date it was posted.
Then we have a bit of a fight and then I get it right.
Idiot fights inanimate object and wins.
Great Victory!