Saturday, 10 October 2009

It's Shedtastic

May I present Shed 2?
Chiefly used for materials storage although S decided it made a lovely summer house and sat in it for a while this pm. Strange behaviour.
It's a preformed "tin" affair and an excellent demonstration of strength through shapes. The sheet metal is not much thicker than kitchen foil but formed into box sections and ribs it's very sturdy.
There's hardly any frame at all. This shed will be on the move eventually to replace Shed 3. Which is coming done once Shed 4 is completed.
Shed 3's roof can be seen peeking out above the back of Shed 2. Behind that is the big shed, Shed Zero, which S calls our house.
Under that is Shed 1 or "The Cellar".
Further details of Shed 4 construction and a map of Shedland Theme Park will follow.

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Thrashmundo Est said...

Well, I guess technically it IS a shed, but one does tend to think of sheds - at least the garden variety, as being wooden in construction. Nevertheless, it provides adequate storage for all those important stolen signs and is located immediately adjacent to the bench of solace.

A five on the shed scale I think, boosted to a seven by the fact that you are a multiple shed owner.

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