Sunday, 27 June 2010

Faults And Folds

Today we went on a walk.
We're continuing with the self improvement kick.
Working through our ologies.
For Pussies
There's a manly pursuit.
There's big flat slabs of rock lying on top of each other.
If I could be bothered I'd do a picture.
Here we go.

As the sandstones are tilted up they break ('coz the bits underneath are soft?)
Also when tipped up bits of them slip back down the hill.
(same reason)
Lovely landslip today Combes Rocks.

An enormous hole in the ground from succession of land slips

Dip slopes in 'wrong' directions -> faults

Talking about ologies.
I should be thinking about pedagogy.
Oh? it's not an ologloieesee,
Why do I want a place on your CertEd course?
Coz I have to.
The government says if you want to work in education .
of any sort.
Like I do.
You have to have some sort of acreditation.
Bloody Good Idea (BGI)
I think that lots of education is badly delivered.
As a recipient.
As a deliverer.
This is a waste of resources.
We can provide better services with better educated people,
The other resource which is generally wasted in society are peoples
on of these resources is always people.
If education is the release of human potential
and we need that potential to work harder and harder.
education needas to deliver more and more.

I want bto realise my potential
I provided vocational training in a variety of forms and disciplines for about 20 years.
Firstly at chesterfield Itec in a youth training/aprentice setting.
After bthat the training was a minor but a key component in my role in establishing Management iNFORMATION sYstems at chesterfield college.
For Sheffield City Co0uncil I have had a formal trainer/consultant/analyst role.
I currently provide this in a year

If it wasn't for my own curiostity and self didactic zeal, the excellent enviroment of peer support and supervision in tyhe unit I work I would havent had any real evidence based direction to my craft and practise.
I completed an on-line course recenctly which although was bisaed towards teachers moving online ( i'm an on-line moved to taeching and feelling in the need for some academic grounding.
The practice of teaching I also have to improve through emiricism and reflection and i would appreciate the external review this course will bring.

I would like to develop a corporate induction course to be deklivered as a blended learning progrqamme. This course would give me an ideal oppurtunity to appply the rigour of a formal course, the CertED, to that development.


Grandmaster Thrasher said...

Well, you spell like a qualified teacher anyway.

The GrandWazoo said...

You uttewr b4stard
I;ll ave you
I will
Come over here insult our smelling
Your now better that a dog in the sttret
Bite 'im bullseye