Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Liitle Box Of Tricks

I've bought myself a new toy.
ASUS eeeeeeePC thingy bob.
10 inch display
and stuff.
I'm running Linux on it and all of a sudden it feels comfortable.
I;ve got this command line which I can pretend I;m back in UNIX land.
I've got nearly a proper keyboard that I can nearly type with.
But my browser doesn't spell check - you might have noticed.
Some things aren't sussed yet which is why you have my application for a CertEd course.
I needed to think and I can't do it w/out a wordprocessor.
Seems wrong but I bet lots of peeps struggle to think w/out arrange words in order.
You;ll get more so get used to it.
Seems like you can't learn w/out a reflective journal these days.
So this blog is going to be my mirror.


Thrashthemidlifecrisisouttame. said...

Welcome to the real world Geoffrey. I have bought a new toy too - a 2.8 litre fuel injected straight 6 engine housed in a BMW Z3 chassis. It is beautiful, drinks petrol and goes jolly jolly fast. Oh yeh - metallic green before you ask. Off to Sverige tomorrow to party on down a bit.
e x

The GrandWazoo said...

It says I can use some tags

It lies
Heres an anchor tag

Does it look like this?
metallic green knob car!

What's it's Transformer name?