Tuesday, 26 February 2008

DS Lite Fun

Not a whole lotta bloggin' goin' on here at the moment.  I did have plans to document the stuff I’m doing.

Engine build

Oil burner construction

Front suspension rebuild.

But I’ve been too busy actually doing them.  On top of that I’ve had a birthday, 50 don't you know, and there's been a new addition to the family.  That's the family of tiny computers.  Sandy bought me a pair of Nintendo ds lites so we can play together.  We were thinking of a Wii but it meant buying a big telly and neither of us wanted that.  So here goes with a lite review.




Buy one.


I'm biased, having owned and loved every generation of gameboy; it was only a matter of time before I got the latest one.  Total brand loyalty Nintendo rule.  Hey I’ve even got a pack of Japan airline playing cards made by the Nintendo playing card company.

The ds lites have pretty standard wifi built in, most of the games you only need one card for multiplayer fun - dead good.

So the upshot is No 33/30 bus journeys have been taken up with Mario brothers for the last week.  I'm now rationing myself and alternate days seems a good way to do it.

It's Monday and routine trip to the flea market on the way to work.  No treasure today.  I have had some notable scores though.  What about a 1hp air compressor £10 and it works a treat. When it comes to putting paint on the camper it'll be really handy.  Talking of which it's still broken, getting the parts - no choosing the parts is really hard.  Still not decided which valves to put in.  Theory has it that I can go up to 42mm for intakes but I don't see how.  Need to talk to my engineers - need to find some engineers.  One gang I talked to said 'what vw air-cooled - no chance but I know someone in Wakefield’ not very encouraging.  The other mob said 'no problem’ but I can't get any references.  Weird really in a city once dedicated to engineering.

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