Friday, 29 February 2008


Market Raisen is about 30 mile away, I’ve heard 4.8 -5.2 Richter and the bastard thing woke me up.  I've sympathy for the man in Barnsley who had a chimneystack drop on his legs and the people in Gainsborough whose houses are now unsafe, but it woke me up.  I have enough trouble sleeping without seismic bleeding events.  Can't remember feeling anything like it before, journos are saying strongest in England for 20ish years and that was isolated to some welsh peninsula.  I struggle to remember 20 days ago so I’ve certainly no recall of that one.

I first thought Sandy’s waking me up to tell me I’m snoring, she thought I was having a fit, it went on long enough to work out what it was - very disorientating.  I was going to start empathising with people who suffer 'real' earthquakes but that seems crass.  Still I certainly know how confusing it is when the solid stuff around us starts moving around.

Yippee, it's Xmas time for camper vans.  New springs and dampers have arrived - pimp that ride.  It's going to be about 35-40mm lower and just a tad stiffer.  Plus the polyurethane bushes and it should ride a lot better.  I've noticed when we've loaded it up with all the camping gear for a 2 week jaunt it feels much better.  The suspension is designed for a 3.5 tonne load and we usually have about 2.5 so it's not surprising it wanders about at speed.

The UPS person who delivered the springs was some sort of pocket behemoth, he sauntered in carrying them, asked for me, and I gleefully accepted delivery.  Nearly popped the tendons in my knees taking the weight!

Knee quake!

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