Monday, 18 February 2008

Hiker Trip Out

It's Sunday and we're off for a walk.  The campers still brock so it's back to the past busing it out the Peak and walking back.  Bleeding hell hiking's got popular since we last did it by bus.  Used to be a couple o' hikers, a couple of yar pap clubbers coming down from a night out in the big city, a selection of weirdoes and ruddy faced country folks.  I imagine the latter had brought a pig to town and were swindled out of it and all their other possessions by a city smart fox person hybrid in exchange for magic beans or parsley passed off as righteous 'erb.

Back to this morning, the bus is packed with Sheffield University walking club members.  Hiking may have got popular but don't let anyone tell you it's fashionable amongst the young.  I've never seen such a gang of dweebs, wait I'm being unkind to dweebkind, I’ll reclassify them as poindexters grade a1.

Not surprising really, proper young people should be waking up in wrong beds, hung over, wondering where, who and what or thinking 'when will the disco biccies will wear off?'

Youth is definitely wasted on these youngsters


A beautiful day and thankfully the walking club got off two stops before us so they won't be following us about.  Last week we purposefully set off a different way to what we planned to escape the CPpc? Pensioners and they sneaked up on us by a bizarre route.  I think they must have been a bit confused god bless 'em.  Today we're doing history - well it's difficult to avoid, if you look it's all around us.  The route tries to take in lots of long distance paths limestone way, mid shires way and the high peak trail joined together with any byway which has a name.  So most of the walk is on pack horse routes, droving lanes and coach roads.  Even where we set off from is part of the A6 which has got to be a coach road - does having milestones make it a certainty.

First village is Chelmorton, which is pictured above, today's prize question is what century was the village first laid out.  I’m expecting big things from our captive archeologist, prof cowie hcc.

I don't know why I offer all these prizes so far I’ve had no entries.  Here some answers to clear the backlog of prizes.

Camping location - Aberdeen

Bad Cary grant film - Father Goose

All prizes have been donated to the Don't Over Populate Europe fund.



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