Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Life On The Road

It’s the start of another holiday blog

Off to bog roll and battleships for a week with me mammy.  Broken camper means first time in ages on a train not bad but fares have gone up


Did you know - eggs have doubled?


Could be even with the thirst of the van it would be cheaper to drive.  That’s got be wrong!

I'm looking forward to the trip could be some new cranes to spot.  I'll certainly post  'em here if I get any good uns.

Yippee we've come via Manc-land and Lancaster and we're on the Carlisle train that goes up the coast.  Once did it the other way from Carlisle to b-in-f on the recommendation of miles Kingston.

Great railway journeys of the world my eye. Boring I say.  If I ever meet MK I’m going to punch him for losing me most of a day of my life.

Its sunny the train is empty clean and on time.  If the tides in it will lovely.

The tide was out but the views were good, distant sunlight on the Cumbrian Mountains with a grey glossy estuary in the foreground.  Hang on I’ll get me paint box out and knock up a masterpiece.  I'm sure I’ve seen turner just like it.

Some of the holiday was meant to be spent joining in with my online chums on the LeTTOL course.  I thought I’d got this sorted but I was to realise how many things can go wrong, that they go wrong in ways that you don’t imagine and most assumptions are false.

First thing to go wrong I forgot my username for the Sheffield College VLE.  That’s wrong, I didn’t intend remembering it I took a cdCD with all the necessary on it to do the course stuff.  Unfortunately I was an earlier version of the study guide without the username in it. Interestingly I managed to recover it coz I share all my work email folders with everyone in the council and the 'correct' way of getting it didn't work.  The sheffcol vle says click here if you’ve forgotten your password but that didn't help.  It also says contact your tutor, I did, he couldn't help.  So half days work to get a working login.  There is no obvious coffee bar wifi zone in b-in-f or pub, the networks I could find near my mam's would let me in so the smartphone/nintendo ds were usless

I came up with smartphone bluetooth to friend’s pc and then cutnpaste to vle.  But they had never used the Bluetooth on their laptop and that idea died.  I think I managed a useful contribution to the group but I had to send it outside the vle coz that was down for Easter weekend.  Monday I managed to get some web access via Lakeland plastics but my webmail service was somehow wonky.

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