Sunday, 16 November 2008

Tramp Tramp Tramp these boys is marchin'

Today we finally got out for a walk.

It's been weeks - or at least seems that way.

Late start - T**ts up the road had a party.
Didn't wake me but woke Sandy which woke me.
Then I couldn't get to sleep again.
Neither could she.

Late getting up.
Late setting off.
No much daylight (16:30 it's twilight (what a lovely word))
Not much walk.

I thought with the terrain turned on Stanage Edge would be impressive but it's one of those things.
You have to go and see it, then climb up it.

1 comment:

Thrasher said...

Once again, too far - I fear for your lrgs. Now, about these t**ts up the road. What number?