Friday, 21 November 2008

Windermere With Mummy Dearest

Today w.e went to Lakeland Plastics.
It's in Lakeland and it's plastic


Thrasher said...

Heh heh - thanks - I just did some Xmas shopping on their website.

The GrandWazoo said...

This is a visit to B'n'F.
Thrash something to NW in dark.
Go Lake District.
Currently we dig Keswick but it's wearing off.
Nice Market -We went Saturday.
(Nice Caps Eh?)
Bought pheasants, maps, cheese, cash, fuel and lunch.
Lunch - poor
Rest - fine.
Play w/ T&J - fine
Fix stuff - light fittings seem to be failing in this older property.
Night Night!
Get up
Fix more stuff - more electrical fittings - Sandy built shelves.
Set off home B4 dark.
Arrive home in dark
This time I added an unexpected variation.

Thrasher said...

OMG! as the modern parlance goes. What did you do to the parents car?

The GrandWazoo said...

Nissan Micra
Fits nicely into an average sized garage.
Only if the doors are closed.

The plan.
reverse car .5m
pop bonnet
check fluids
put it back

The actuality
reverse car .25m catch open door on wall
climb car up wall
pushing throttle at foot
fold door down front wing
stop miCRa just b4 t-boning Merc

My first thought was "that's written that off"
Norwich Union's first thought? ...
"that's written that off"

My next thought? ...
"this means so much more than a car to my aged mam"


Thrasher said...

Did you have the gumption to make a stereo sound recording of the noise, or did it all happen a bit quick like?

The GrandWazoo said...

Things get worse!
I record every moment of my life just for such an occasion.
Now I find the hierarchical storage system implanted in my hip has failed and wiped the whole day.
Did you know?
The Government are all Communists!

Thrasher said...

Questions, Questions and more Questions

No, I didn't know - not quite that omniprescient - yet, I am working on it but the lack of an acceptable personal belief system and the painkillers are holding me back. Twas ever thus.

I didn't realize that encroaching age had provided you with an onboard recording system - where can I get one? Do I need a special helmet to play back the good bits? Does it eat batteries or is it somehow plumbed into your onboard energy conduits?

What's wrong with communists? Wait....don't answer the last one, I think I've figured it out for myself. What's wrong with governments? No more than 11,500 words, on my desk by Christmas please.

Pass the k.