Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ripped - Again

... the ripping resumes.

Currently I mostly been processing a greatest hits choice from the lovely S.
S**te loads of Iggy.
Cream o the crop currently
This with "Raw Power" guitarist.
Which other individual got an equal credit with the Ig?
I can't think of any.

I'm using Audacity some build, 1.2.5 that I should update but it's okay.
Give the disc a good clean whether it needs it or not with the trusty Milti Duo-Pad and Permaclean, then finished up with Exstatic cleaner
Zoom the display area to 1:00 hour, hit record, pause, stick disc on , unpause and off we go.

  • Catch the end of side one,
  • pause,
  • flip it,
  • unpause
  • and record side two.
Save the project.

Give it default "Effect>Click Removal"
Then Zoom in on any surviving clicks and get them with the pencil tool.
Then "Effect>Amplify" (again using defaults - I refuse to think unless cornered).

Remove the crap at the

  • beginning ,
  • middle
  • and end

w/ "Edit>Cut"

Then we've gotta chop it up into tracks.

Analyse>Silence is ok but I end up correcting it too much - so I add a label track.

"Project>New Label Track" and appleB (it's a Mac thang - think CtrlB) to add labels.

"File>Export Multiple"

Choices mp3 (obviously)

any naming you like but remember to include "before first label" option
(unless you've added a label at the start of course)


thrasher said...

Did you catch the film of the mighty Mr. Osterberg at Glastonbury? The one with the stage invasion. If not let me know.

The Grand Wazoo said...

I've not seen it yet,
Hang on just watched it.
or at least some stuff.
Show me yours beeg boy.
When you get old your flesh becomes much less elastic.

Still in fine voice though!
Put your shirt on you old man.