Sunday, 7 December 2008

More Castles than Soft Mick!

We went walking again

Yet another circular route out of a Derbyshire town.
Climb whatever geology has left us to climb.
Hold that height for as long as you can.
Drop back down and drive home.

I'm struggling to avoid the words "classic sunday hike".
I failed.
This one is so classic it's always over-crowded, they've had to put pavement down from Hollins Cross over to the top of Mam Tor and beyond.

Sat just above Crimea Farm (even classic names) having lunch and spotting castles.

Left to right across the vista.

Mam Tor
"a late Bronze Age and early Iron Age hill fort"
Peveril Castle
"Founded soon after the Norman Conquest"
"This rectangular fort ... established in Flavian time"
Burr Hill
I think I made the last one up - research required.


Thrasher said...

I went to the hospital and had some large physio type woman stick a needle (attached to a syringe full of cortisone) right through the back of my hand (not nice). Then on Sunday to Sedgemoor to see the millions of starlings landing - quite impressive. Then Sunday evening check my email to find that someone has labelled me a twat becuse I appreciate the finer works of one Francis Vincent Zappa.
The world is a cruel place indeed. How short are your legs now? Totalled any tiny cars lately?

The GrandWazoo said...

Sir your observations lead me to the contrary conclusion that the world is a wonderful and varied place.

Large women
Thousands of wild creatures
Random insults

The all-seeing eye. said...

Hmmmmmmmm...........women and drugs - that's how it all started, the 'downfall years'. Nowthey tell us that Muse were right after all and there is a supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy. How times change. Habits get smaller, legs get shorter holes get bigger. It would seem that there are few fundamental constants in this shifting universe. But there will always be a nice cup of tea.