Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wonky Journal

Journals are day by day things and this isnt.
What's happened so far?

We're hanging out in Nelson and mostly shopping, eating, drinking and playing in the sea. It's nice to be able to mess about in the surf. The last few times I've tried to swim in Britain the cold nearly split my shins.
Nevermind "Can I cope with chilled cahones?", it never got that deep.
Here it's warm and wet.

Just the way I like it.
What do I think of NZ so far?
It's very green and thats no suprise - this evening it rained.
Aparently the Kiwis deny any none sunny weather but I know better.
We went to a New Years street party in the "city" centre, it was wet and cold.
(Midsummer anyone? - no wonder the Brits love that home from home feeling)
Happy Holidays to all
Party Party
"Road" played 2 numbers whi9ch lasted about 1 minute each and then legged it.
We legged it slightly later and put the kinder to bed.
Missed this lot
I wrote this.
More tomorrow.
( Listening to "The Pet Shop Boys"
Feeling "Half Cut")

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Thrasher said...

Are you, then, a day ahead? here I am looking forward to being dragged to an 'anti NYE' party full of stripey trousered philanthropists and no booze.

Oh wow!