Thursday, 4 December 2008

What Are We Doing Here?

The Time Machine brings you...
For a ltd time only
**** Watch This Space ********
The Next Neutrons Track
I won't get long to set this up!
Ha Ha Me Hearties
Email an ACK


Deke said...

Hmmmmm..............broken link. Why not zip it up and use 'yousendit' or somesuch?


Micky Jones said...

Can't you right click and do save or summat?
This is devious and fun.
Anyway have you tried zipping an MP3 - it's a compressed thing to start with.
I don't like the colours at yousendit.
Why don't you just get it from Torrents?
If you're Deke can I be Micky

Cap'n Micky said...
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Thrasher said...

Got it - ta - how very Welsh!

Cap'n Micky said...

Comment deleted
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06 February 2009 10:15

I don't remember this!
They're on to us!