Sunday, 29 March 2009

Groundwork Day

This day keeps happening again and again.

Sheds are important and I don't have sufficient.
Little by little the digging out for the one at the end of the garden proceeds.

My little efforts reflect the big boys and their shed building.
A new Lidl/Aldi/Netto retail park something or other is being built close by.
They do the same things - but more and a lot quicker.
Set up datum lines, dig, grade, truck unwanted stuff off site and make sure the local roads don't get muddy.

I do it about 1/2 hour at a time coz any sustained labour will hurt.
They do it with big machines - I use a spade, a riddle and a bucket.

As this is a diary (can't see much other use for it) here's the latest lawn tending. 
3kg of ground limestone added as general conditioning.
pH looked a bit acid with a cheapo test kit.
My past as a chemist questions the result (the result was acid but the sampling/method/etc v suspect).
But if this city wasn't here, this would be moorland and that tends to acid.
I'm preferring "sour" to acid - maybe I should just taste it.
It's also sticky when digging it - another good indicator of sourness.
All this "evidence" points to low pH.
3kg is a middling dose.
I marked off 1m strips and scattered evenly.
Light raking to work it in a bit.
The weather forecast said winter showers late pm.
That would have been good but it didn't happen.
In theory this should be done in winter and the cold works it in.
But anytime is better than waiting.

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Thrasher said...

Meanwhile, the nouveau riche Somerset contingent have yet another shed like area appended to the rear of Thrasher Towers and pay the local shed construction technicians far too much to build it. It will be used to store such essential items as the ROTOVATER and the lawn mower. I shall be a rare visitor to this area. It's a mighty long way from Hope Street and, indeed, rock'n'roll. Hola!