Monday, 9 March 2009

It's GrassTastic

Looking back I can't find any substantial mention of the lawn.

How odd?
For something that occupies my time and energy so much.

The garden to our house was what made it different to most that we'd seen.
Although my experience with horticulture (garden & allotment) had convinced me that;

Greenery belongs 
to somewhere else
the Countryside
to someone else

The lawn in question

We decided a lawn, and a lawn alone would be just the thing.
A new Opportunity to Obsess (O2O) was born.
From my Favorites/Bookmarks.

So half the weekend has been spent aerating,scarifying and dressing with sand.
I was pleased with how much I got done and how fit I felt.

'Til Sunday morning  and I can't use my left shoulder for much.


Thrasher said...

Impressive stripes. Is that the forge roof in the foreground?

TheGrandWazoo said...

Foreground first
Outside lavvy
Garden tool sized shed
Site for new shed including forge
No forge now
Boo hoo
Need danger