Saturday, 10 October 2009

First of the Formworks

Next make dams out of scrap wood (forms) where you don't want the floor to be.


Thrasher said...

What will be there if no floor?

the GrandWazoo said...

Someone is paying attention.
There will be a foundry floor
Check out this, last picture here .
Molten metal + concrete = explosion
Molten metal + sand = an unexpected casting

Then my head went somewhere else...
A cellar?

Thrasher said...

Your own foundry - wow - that will precipitate a visit from Thrasher you know.

Thrasher said...

How is this project progressing?

The GrandWazoo said...

Hardly at all.
I've put the hard core layer in, covered up the cellar entrance and not touched it.
I'm codifying a new form of project management.
Work gets done when it can.
Work is prioritised by external random events.
Work expands to fill the available time.
Maybe I should read 'Parkinsons Law'?