Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Trip to Hull

Which meant seeing this beauty.
I can't help it.
Engineering turns me on.

The trip was business however - to take part in the great care debate.
See elsewhere for details.
My take on it is , as ever, cynical. I shouldn't but I can't help it

Number 1
  • Despite all their assurances it smacked of consultation after major decisions have been made. For example "how can we fund future care?". But they had taken the two extremes of pay for yourself and total state financing out before presenting 3 slightly different joint funding models. I suggested that old people should take up armed robbery. My table of delegates thought it was a joke.

Number 2

  • When a government, which like all British governments doesn't control much of the economy tells me how it will pay for care in 2059; I think I'm allowed a modicum of cynicism.

Number 3

  • Thank you GB Govt. for an excellent day out where someone asked for my opinion. Normally I have to force it on my victims. I used up all my yellow dots, green and yellow post-its, gold stars and lost 3 pens. Our table facilitator Mark couldn't believe his luck someone willing to talk straight at bare silence and make a fool of himself.
What fun!

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Thrasher said...

A nice bridge indeed - crossed the feller meself a few years ago on a trip up to the wastelands.
You LOVE the word facilitator don't you?