Saturday, 30 January 2010

CCCCCCCamper Time

(I Demand that you watch all 9:21 of these stiffs painting)

Could be a cutnpaste from last week but that's inaccurate and lazy.

The weekend had all the same elements but this time I feel satisfied

Saturday camper work

Finally the surface was dry at a time when I was there and had time to paint it.

Saturday morning off to Johnson/Leyland to pick up ral 2009 traffic orange rustoleum paint.

Super paint made out of fish to resist sea water.

Shopping in shops rocks especially specialist trade suppliers with staff who know their stuff.

I've been buying this paint online and it's no where near as much fun.

Last time it took longer to get to me.

They have real colour swatches in the shop.

Think of the complexity if you want to match colours off the WWW.

And you will fail.

They even offered to match the paint for me.

Which was nice but unnecessary as I have my colour.

Well very nearly

  • 80 ral 6110 crap brown
  • 20 ral????? Green green
  • 4 ral 2009 traffic orange
  • 50 White spirit

Near the original or at least.

A colour I like.

As is the tradition with vw campers, all panels are bent and different colours.

Well this one will have flat panels and consistent colour.

Probably take me about 4 years.

Yet again I'm playing a long game where I do everything with low technology.

The painting is being done with rollers, brushes and lots of fine abrasives.

About 12 coats should do it.

So far 1 coat looks flatter than the PO managed with a spray gun compressor.

He claimed to do it for a living.

Probably lies like "no rust on this camper"

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