Friday, 19 February 2010

City Break - Nottingham

A weekend away - first of the year.
We got a camper so that we could camp all year around so every opportunity to use it has to be grabbed. We're aiming once a month.
Keep an eye on us here.

Take the camper out for a check over.
It's not really moved since 09/2009 except for two trips to work very recently. I've got a thin excuse - the weather but it doesn't really work. Not driving it will kill it - LOT ROT. The new regime is at least once a week around Sheffield.

Celebrate a year passing - My Birthday.
I know I've proposed the solistices as the only valuable annual festivals but...
It's nice to have a weekend of treats once a year.
  • Strong expensive drink
  • Chocolate
  • Bread
  • Full Fat Cheese
  • Posh Coffee
  • Snacks
Xmas for atheists

Get away from Sheffield.
I like Sheffield but this weather and my neighbourhood are tiring me at the moment.
I look out of the window and see the same stuff and think
That shed hasn't moved on.
When will I be able to do the autumn stuff on the lawn?
Camper paint.
A change of scene should help even for a couple of days.

Play house/boats/castaways with my best girl.
We have fun in the camper it's a Wendy house on wheels.
Tea Parties.
There's no-one else to bother us.
In fact I feel indignant if people talk.
Unless it's about Campers and then they've had it.
"I used to have one of these..."
"No you didn't this is my Camper it's an air-cooled one, I built the engine, you can't buy this paint you know, was yours a Devon Conversion? maybe I should buy a 4 wheel drive one? it's not a camper anyway it's a Transporter. VW prevent anyone making replacement badges, it's really a Porsche engine made by VW..."
You think they'd know better by now!

Go Shopping
Nottingham is full of shops most of which are the same as anywhere else but I remember it being better than Sheffield for oddities.
It also has one one the few remaining FOPP Records.
The plan is a nice pair of trousers for best - I haven't got anything if I want to smart up.
Except an old suit or two which I don't like.


Thrasher said...

Well done - I thought the paint was still drying! Me I've taken to bicycles - unfortunately work is a bit too far for this intrepid biker though - 17 miles one way and through 2 lots of sizeable hills.

TheGrandWazoo said...

The paint will be for ever drying polishing painting until it looks like a warship. Seriously the naval look. A plastic coat. Keep the weather out. Paint or grease or upgrade it to stuff that doesn't rot or all of these.