Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Truncated Castleton Curcuit

We went for a walk.

Since my eyesight became positively presbyopic (i can only see Elvis) S has taken on navigation duties.
I'm in charge of logging and documenting.
So every trip out is a surprise to me.
From Castleton about 270 degrees of option are up.
We set off climbing.
At the top we headed for Manchester.
2 hours out we turned around and came back.
The Dark was approaching.

The track is edited 'coz although the GPS is working fine since it's many upgrades, I'm not.
I forgot to turn it off and it tracked up all the way home.
My skills with Google Earth have improved.
I can edit tracks but how to re-measure etc is beyond me as yet.


Thrasher (I'm a PC and I invented fuck all) said...

You need this baby - unless you are an Iprick in which case you is on yer own baby.

Thrasher said...

Presbyopic. Wow!

The GrandWazoo said...

I am all pious and have no allegiances to mere machines.
But I do like my iPhone.
I currently don't have any sort of Windows box to try your offering on, but thanks anyway.
Here's an OS free solution to the measuring problem.
Good free stuff

The thing thats tempted me the most to stray from my iMac/MacOs combo is Sugar.
I've not tried it but Sugar on a Stick sounds cute.
I also want an OLPC to go with it but this is sick.
A device designed to solve eduction inequity becomes a fashion item,
I love it!