Saturday, 13 February 2010

Saturday Routines

I'm not fond of grocery shopping - but who is?
Next was returning stuff to Go - Outdoors which was surprisingly easy.
Home for cleaning cars/vans.
Crunched neighbour Norman's number plate with the towbar on the Camper.
Worst thing is he heard it!
I was very humble.
He won't let me buy a replacement.
Jet washed the Merc, his Golf and the Camper.
Shampooed Merc.
It was 3.5C.
My paint aint supposed to be applied below 5C - but hell it aint raining.
New recipe.
By Weight

Proportion Colour Ref. Colour Name
80 RAL8011Brown
20 RAL6001Green
4 RAL2009Orange
1 RAL9005Black
50 White Spirit

Didn't get the lawn scarified.

Waterfall Pork for tea.
Beausoleil on the radio - fine!

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