Sunday, 23 May 2010

Rocks A Mondo

Look how elegantly this idiot breaks the Internet!
The image above is a link to where?

It's meant to be Wikipedia on reefs knolls

Today we went to see a limestone reef knoll.

On a walk

If you use the kmz file in the walk link in
Google Earth
turn on
  • Terrain and
  • Panoramio Photos
Chrome Hill was listed as "exciting" in the Fred Book on rocks.
We climbed up Southern end.
I wasn't really scared.
But I am a woose for heights.
Then we descended off the North end.
I bricked it seriously twice.
Don't look at the DROP.
Look only at the path.
Fear is the wibble wobble
wibble wobble
Don't look at the DROP.

S disappeared into the distance like a Thompson's Gazelle
I was alone.

Good fun all round.

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