Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Nation Decides And I'm In Charge

It's election day and yet again I'm working as a poll clerk
04/06/2009 for last years efforts.
Having read that post and it's comments I've nothing much to add.
This time it's 2 elections at once.
Which means more fun.
We have to ask "are you voting in both elections today"
Most of the plebs don't know that there is a City Council election.
This is a rare occassion when I can use pleb and it's not an insult.
(Another great reason for taking part in democracy)
If lots didn't know about local government some were surprised that they couldn't vote for the people they saw on television.

Bleedin Hell
the television inspired cult of personality has stuffed the vote.
This plebiscite is popular and all the

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I had planned never happened

The un-expected is always very welcome
And then the expected happened.
A government wasn't elected.
Maybe I'll get to do this all over again soon

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1 comment:

Thrashtastico. said...

Me, I was DISGUSTED with myself because I DID vote.
I just can't bear the tory scum - mouthed off at oe of 'em who had the temerity to stand outside the polling station and ask me for my 'number' Got all verbally Anglo-Saxon on his ass and RIGHT in his face. Close to assault really - but the bastards deserve it. I hope I scared him half to death and he leaves politics forever. BASTARDS!