Sunday, 9 May 2010

Welding and Walking

Another ordinary weekend.
Well it was for us.

Saturday attacked rusty section of camper's wheel arch.
I've decided not to fuck about.
If it's rusty it's coming out.
I don't weld too well but the repairs must be better than rust.
(Delicious is a new playground so get this.)
I've also decided that if I need practice, doing it is the ticket.

We went for a walk.
Having strolled around the Peak for about 30 years it gets a bit familiar.
So I tend to work in themes rather than just wander looking at the sights.
So we've had stints of
  • finding Roman sights,
  • certain plants and animals,
  • famous people's graves etc.
The current fad is geology and this weekend we identified different sorts of limestone.
I've always wondered why Harborough Rocks were pinky-orange and kind of funny looking.
Now I know.
It's Dolomite.

Some credit due to local geologist Fred Somebody and his book.

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