Saturday, 14 August 2010

Weekend Welder

I've bought a new welder.
My original one was a gift, I asked advice about what sort of welder to buy.
My advisor upped an gave me a MIG welder.
I was very grateful.
Trouble is I now know that for my application it's NBG.
Too strong for vehicle body work.
And rubbish - according to the welding hacks at MIG Welding - the DIY Guide
Which could explain why I was finding welding difficult.
I didn't expect to produce beautiful welds at a first go.
But I did expect to improve.
And I didn't.

  • A bad workman can blame bad tools.
Seeing as I'd budgeted for a welder; nothing really lost in buying another one.
(Freaked Out Economics)

I am now improving with every attempt.
Welds are not beautiful but serviceable and consistent.
Beauty I can live with out - for now.

The new blue baby welder is gasless which is meant to make welding outdoors easier.
But I'm no longer convinced about this.
The fluxed wire seems very messy and makes keeping a regular arc hard work.
The slag contaminates the weld and the wire.
Today I'm going to fit the gas option and see if I like it better.

As for outdoors I came across an elegant design for a wind shield for welding.
Cardboard box and masking tape.
(I can never see simple solutions!)
If it catches fire, tear it off and stamp on it.
Oh and turning the gas up helps.


Thrasher said...


The GrandWazoo said...

Not only good looks but it works.
This welder with the gas is how I imagined a mig welder to work.
I have progressed more in quality and speed of welding in 2 days than years with the old one.
Corrosion in the cammper is now minimal, declining and undaunting.

Thrasher said...

......and do you have a splendid helmet?