Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mysterious Kung Fu Monk Noodles

Or yet more noodle reviews.
All my hard work deciding which noodles to buy from my local Thai grocery seems wasted.
I'd just discovered the very lovely Mama flat rice beauties.
Don't have them anymore!
Instant Rice Porridge.
Gone (always seem to be waiting for a delivery - bah!)

Word Of Warning

  • If your grocer says Product B is just like Product A.
  • They are LYING.
  • Mama Rice Soup is nice but it is not Instant Rice Porridge

So now I've started reviewing the noodles in the Chinese grocers in town.

Number 1 -

Great Packet (the mysterious monk is on the front surrounded by clouds/steam) - plus 5.
Aargh - vermicelli - I'm not a fan - minus 10.
They were Sweet Potato noodles - plus 5 for novelty.
But they weren't special - no points
As they were from Sichuan I expected "Hot and Spicy" to be thermonuclear, it wasn't - no points

Grand total - no points
Not buying them again

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